Magic Resume

To Daniel George Magic is a very real thing that is a part of his everyday life, he lives, breathes, and is surrounded by it. Magic is an art, a science, a  passion, a hobby, a form of self expression, a way of life as well as a profession. In magic you often take something and change it into something else, this also known as alchemy.
Magic carries with it an eternal youthfulness that anyone at any age can enjoy. It instills wonder, fantasy, and stimulates imagination; its only limit is no limit. Magic might seem like child's play but in reality it takes much skill developing and practice and experience to attain knowledge and know how.
Magician Daniel George offers a variety of different entertainment services, depending on the occasion. From cocktail hour close up magic to venue  shows he will perform. Daniel's magic can range from colorful carnival magic to dark scary magic and everywhere in between.

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Religious Organizations, Charity/Fundraiser's

Daniel The Magician has worked and affiliated himself with a variety of Temples, Churches, and charity/fundraising where he has performed on high holidays and for senior citizen events. Daniel Has raised money for Haiti during a relief fund show
Daniel With Pastor of Westfield Senior Citizens clubDaniel with lebovich orthodox aquaintences
Daniel George Rock Magician for hire

Parties of ALL occasions and type, may we present to you for your  positive consideration, Magician Daniel George. But no mere magician he is a master of hypnosis and fire eating! Master of illusion don't blink or you will miss it!

Not limited to just magic, illusion, hypnotism, and grand finales, Daniel goes as far as to even add live musical guitar and rock performances!
Mardis GrasSmell the Magic ;)Magician MusicianCarnival
Daniel George performing for a Hanukah Party
Magic for Haiti Relief Fund
Bonaroo Music and Arts festival June 2010 around 100,000 thousand people self sustaining on a farmShaman Show at Bonaroo Music and Arts festival June 2010
Mystical Fakir Pole Levitation

Amongst the few handful of people in the world that can perform the pole levitation, Daniel never fails to amaze, mystify and draws lots of traffic and attention. You can Get Daniel to perform his Pole Levitation or even learn how to master and perform this yourself.
Rock Magician