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Putting on an entertaining show that mesmerises and fascinates kids and adults of all ages is what Daniel George does. Fascination in his stage shows that young and young at heart can enjoy. His mesmerizing performances will truly make a believer out of you. 
Daniel's shows are filled with tasteful humor, audience participation, splendor, and an element of mystery that will keep you fascinated and laughing all night long. 

Daniel George is one of the youngest upcoming skilled hypnotist, magician, and illusionist of our time whose conduct demonstrates full professionalism and skill. You will quickly find his charismatic and friendly personality will entrance you, making him a very approachable and intellectual individual who will have no problems ‘getting the party going’ and ‘breaking the ice’ at social functions. If you want to go with something different, fun, and amazing that will keep the audience fascinated all night and talking about for days at a reasonable rate, allow yourself to consider Daniel George in a positive light.

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Magic of Daniel GeorgeClassics of Magic/ Carnival/Family Show/Kids Show/ Birthday Parties
Shows available:
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Shaman Show LevitationTraditional Mysticism/ Side Show/Attention/Publicity
Daniel George Midnight CanivalHalloween/ Scary/ Bizzare/ PG13/ Dark/ Fire Magic
Close Up/Street MagicCard Tricks & more/ Walk Around/ Close up magic/Anywhere/ Cocktail Magic
Hypnotism Comedy ShowHypnotism/Mind Magic/Comedy/Entertainment

Available optionals:
-DJ and Audio Producer (Event music and background music during show)
-FX Manager (Fog machine, disco lights, strobes, carnival rope lights, etc.)

Rock Magician