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Daniel George is truly a modern day mystic and a rennasaince man. He is a man of many things; A magician, illusionist, mentalist, card manipulator,  hypnotist, Guitarist and performer yet so much more. His stage performances transcend reality and brings you into Daniel George's own mystical hypnotic rock'n'roll carnival realm, where anything and everything is possible - when you believe. 

His street and close up magic performances always draw crowds, gets great reactions, and brings random people together to interact with each other that under normal circumstances might not have come together,
now that's magic!

His services vary from entertainment, private therapeutic hypnosis sessions, and even lessons in guitar, magic, and hypnosis. His mastery over these age old mysterious trades is undeniable, find out for yourself.
Hypnotist Daniel George D.C.M.T. 

Hypnotist Daniel George is a certified, confident and able hypnotist who practices clinical hypnotism, positive hypnosis, hypnotic counseling, and therapeutic hypnosis, and helps many clients with behaviors, phobias, addictions, and mind opening. 

Daniel also gives hypnosis lessons, lectures, and demonstrations to psychology students and anyone interested in this limitless, artful science of the mind.

Daniel George is also a hypnosis entertainer, using hypnosis for the purpose of entertaining people and demonstrating the power of the mind using many funny hypnotic demonstrations. Hypnosis shows are always fun, entertaining, hilarious, and truly something different.
Certified hypnotist, certified by the well respected Mindcare Organization Ltd. Daniel has been granted lifetime membership to The Royle Institute of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (R.I.H.P.) incorporating The Association of Complete Mind Therapists (A.C.M.T.).
Master Hypnotist
Therapeutics, Lectures, Comedy Show
Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Confidence

From sleight of hand to sleight of mind Daniel George is a magical man. Putting on an entertaining show that mesmerizes and fascinates kids and adults of all ages is what Daniel George does.  He is a skilled performing stage and street(close up) magician, hypnotist, and card manipulator who operates with professionalism while keeping it real. Offering different entertainment services to suit your needs, from family friendly classics of magic with much comic relief and fascination to adult themed belly dancing and dark magic. Daniel's shows can be appreciated by young and young at heart, his mesmerizing performances will truly make a believer out of you.

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"He instills that 'is this really happening?' effect"

"Daniel George is the hypnotic magician"
Daniel is an excellent guitar player whose playing skills rival only his teaching skills. Patient, professional, and friendly yet fast paced, progressive, and informative is the learning environment that Daniel sets for his students.

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